Resin Wicker Patio Furniture, Midsize

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Resin Wicker Patio Furniture.

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Construction & Materials..These beautiful uplifting styles are unbelievable! They are extremely well made using the proven traditional methods of construction, but with modern synthetic materials. Our frames are made of heavy gauge, factory welded aluminum. Our synthetic wicker is HDPE--high density polyethylene. You can google this to read about it. This material is loaded with UV treatment to resist fading. It is nonporous so water rolls right off of it. The wicker is handwoven & hand tied over our aluminum frames. The beginnings & ends of the weave are hidden underneath.These are quality products made the right way with good materials.

Cushions & Fabrics...our cushions are American Made. Our sets include seat cushions made from your choice of about 40 different spun polyester fabrics all at the same price. We also offer lots of different Sunbrella Fabrics. Sunbrella Fabrics cost more $ per yard.  Sunbrella Fabrics are known for being very fade, stain & mildew resistant. Sunbrella costs more now, but we actually feel they become less expensive over time. We feel the same way about our furniture. 

Cushion stuffing...Our Cushions are filled with nonporous Weather Resistant Densified Polyester. They do not hold water & rot like foam may. Please notice center front piping how plump the cushions are. We stuff them to about 5" thick. They then will spread a little and condense down to about 4" thick. 

Comfort..we give you more. Please notice the width & depth of our seat areas. Lots of wicker chair seat areas are 18" x 18". We make ours about 20" x 22". Our seat backs are high (about 39" from the floor top the top of the backs) & will support your back better. Our quality synthetic wicker is softer and has "give" to it. It is better to lean back against.

The Life Span..everything wriiten above is absolutley correct, but we still must use common sense. Extreme heat will soften the synthetic wicker & allow it to stretch out. Do not be afraid to hose your furniture down. It will keep it cleaner & also cool it down. Your "cigar ashes" may burn a hole & allow the wicker to start unraveling. If your furniture gets blown around in a storm you may dent or crack the wicker. If that happpened to me I would take my BAR-B-Q lighter and run the flame over the crack for just a few seconds. This is will soften the wicker. I then take my finger--you may want to use the back of a spoon as it is hot----and and blend wicker back together. The crack will disappear.  If your furniture is outdoors there is the neighbors cat, the squirrels & lots more. We are doing this since 1978 and have lots of wicker furniture all over the country doing very well. If you have normal use & weather conditions you will get more than your monies worth. Kind of like everything else. Take care of your stuff & it will look better & last longer.

Buying tip # 1...Careful. We see lots of furniture made with less expensive materials. We find that when the frames are made from steel which can rust &  costs less than aluminum that is the 1st sign that the seller may be using less expensive materials in every category. The synthetic wicker, the fabrics, the quality of the cushions etc. If they are using top of the line synthetic wicker, fabrics & cushions why would they use steel for the frames? The furniture may also require assembly. This is all to be able to offer a lower selling price so the public thinks they are getting a bargain when all this is is lesser quality furniture being sold at a lesser price.

Buying Tip #2..check the size of the seat areas. Lots of wicker chairs have an 18 x 18 seat area. We make ours a few inches wider & a few inches deeper. The larger seat areas along with cushions that start out 5" thick & chair frames that have high backs will make your furniture more comfortable. You will enjoy it more & use it more. Check to side skirts of the furniture. Are they full size or are they raised up on each side so there is less work & less raw materials to make the furniture. We all know we get what we pay for. 

Where our customers use this....Patios, Decks, Porches, Gardens are the most popular places, but this furniture is used everyehere. Our resin wicker furniture does well in most locations across the country. Please know that excessive hot sun and or salt water will shorten the life span. Not only of resin wicker products, but of most things.

We offer free curbside shipping to most locations in the 48 states. Our deliveries are made in 18 wheeler trucks that must be able to drive onto & away from your delivery address.